You will work with our engineers, support representatives, and external auditors to:

  • Perform complex, senior-level auditing and advisory work to develop a new audit program and processes for SOC2 and Department of Defense (DOD) Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) / FedRAMP.
  • Conduct research, benchmarking, examining and reviewing records & financial statements.
  • Perform data & risk analyses, identify appropriate controls, assess business processes, and evaluate management processes.
  • Manage the development of an appropriate audit scope, selection of an external auditor, and successful completion of audits annually.
  • Continuously collect operational documentation and data samples in order to close process gaps or to document accepted risk before a gap becomes a finding.
  • Maintain relationships with our external auditors to anticipate changes to audit focuses and prepare the organization for them.
  • Educate the organization about audit requirements, risk analysis and controls, and assist us with integrating best practices into our existing operational framework.
  • Identify and document corrective actions that need to be taken based on audit reports.
  • Respond to client requests for documentation of our processes and audit reports.
  • Understand and follow changes to CUECs from our partners and vendors.


You have experience with:

  • Auditing in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and risk-based internal auditing.
  • Basic information technology controls in a cloud environment.
  • Analyzing, interpreting, and summarizing data, policies, and procedures for effective performance of audit work.
  • Establishing and maintaining trust-based relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

You should...

  • Have advanced writing and communication skills.
  • Be willing to apply your skills across our small organization, from the low level (e.g. writing process documentation) to high level (e.g. developing organizational audit plans).
  • Help us maintain the culture and values of our organization.

It would be a plus if you have...

  • Some experience with DOD cybersecurity requirements and contracts, e.g. NIST 800-171.
  • Some experience with FedRAMP requirements.